Tuesday, 11 October 2016

How to purchase Premium Beautiful Corset

Hello lovely ladies,

Want to get yourself a set of Premium Beautiful Corset. Well stress no more. With as low as RM98 per month you can have a set PB corset. How is that possible? Easy dear. With the help of Aeon credit of course.

Another good news ladies, for a limited time RM150 – 
RM400 rebate can be yours when you purchase your PB Corset plus bonus. At least can cover 2 months installment right.

purchase premium beautiful

This is how to do it:

Step 1 : Prepare your supporting document (3 months pay slip, front and back copy of your ic, bank statement – 1 month if employed and 3 months if self employed)

Step 2 : Contact me, Emi your Premium Beautiful Expert

Step 3 : I will pass to you the form to sign and submit

Step 4 : Wait for AEON approval

Step 5: Fitting time

Easy as 1,2,3
Why wait. Contact me for your PB corset now

emilita nazlina

Love Yourself more


Emi 017-3110580

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