Thursday, 1 December 2016

Tips for a newbie runner - My First Running Experience

Hai ladies, nowadays ramai yang take up running for a healty lifestyle. Emi pun dah lamer nak try but tak de kesempatan. One day I saw the add on Balloon Night Run 2016. Apa lagi sign up je. Tutup mater. On that day without any training or preparation akak terjah ja you dengan Mr. Huby. So this post was written after my run and reading. So for beginner Emi summarize kat sini after reading a few article

  • Get yourself a good pair of running shoes
  • Join in running group or kawan kawan yang suker running if your partner is into running that is the best part, tak yah susah susah
  • Train before the run – go slowly, no rush, we are not born as a runner
  • Make running a habit , build your mileage gradually
  • Have fun

My experience in the run was so much fun. Penat yes but it was a 4.5 km non stop you. Mr huby was great help, tunggu je mrs wifey lari lari anak. (#larikejalan)

The run was done in the UiTM compound. You can imagine, tempat yang berbukit bukau and lari.. penat you. For a first timer I am proud of myself. I did it. Hope more running to come. Enjoy the pics.

Akak amik 4.5km jee 1st time takut semput dah la tak buat ape ape trainning

Jumper Ms Coco yang tengah viral. Sweet lady

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